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Новости и мероприятия IAA


IAA CONSULTATION: Exposure Draft of Proposed revisions to ISAP 1 - General Actuarial Practice

Please see the attached memorandum from Alf Gohdes-Chair, Actuarial Standards Committee (ASC) of the IAA, regarding the exposure draft of the proposed revision to International Standard of Actuarial Practice 1 (ISAP 1) on General Actuarial Practice and the related amendments to the glossary.

The attached exposure draft and amendments to the glossary were developed by the ISAP 1 Task Force of the ASC, and they have been duly approved by the ASC in accordance with Due Process for development of International Standards of Actuarial Practice.

Please distribute these documents widely within your organization, and to any actuarial standard setters and other interested parties in your jurisdiction. We request you to follow the instructions contained in the attached memorandum when submitting comments.

These documents are also available on the IAA website under Publications, and can be viewed by clicking on the following link: http://www.actuaries.org/index.cfm?lang=EN&DSP=PUBLICATIONS&ACT=STANDARDS_ISAP1

The deadline for comments on this exposure draft is 31 October 2017.

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