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Новости и мероприятия IAA


Актуарное общество Казахстана стало полным членом IAA

The International Actuarial Association (IAA) is pleased to announce that it has admitted the Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan (ASK) and the Actuarial Society of Ghana (ASG) as its 71st and 72ndFull Member Associations respectively. Both Associations have been IAA Associate Members for more than 15 years and have objectives that support the IAA Mission and Vision. The ASK was established in 2000, has a membership comprising 66 fully qualified actuaries, and is currently led by Ms. Akzharkyn Knykova. The ASG was established in 1996, has a membership comprising 34 fully qualified actuaries, and is currently led by Mr. Stephen Yeboah.

The ASK goals include: creating conditions for the recognition and development of actuarial science and the profession; promoting actuarial standards; cooperating with international financial institutions; cooperating with government authorities in the development of regulations that govern actuarial practice and other related activities. Similarly, the ASG objectives include: regulating the practice of the actuarial profession in Ghana; promoting the actuarial profession while fostering relationships amongst actuaries within Ghana and internationally. 

Admission as a Full Member follows a thorough process that includes a review of the applicant association’s education program; code of professional conduct; formal discipline process; and, where applicable, formal process for the adoption of standards of practice. The Accreditation Committee reviews each of these documents to ensure compliance with IAA requirements, and the Education Committee determines whether the education requirements for a particular association or programme meet the standards set down in the IAA Education Syllabus and Guidelines. Several volunteers from both committees were instrumental in progressing the ASK and ASG’s admission process.

This activity contributes towards achieving the IAA’s strategic objective to support the development, organization and promotion of the actuarial profession in areas of the world in which it is not present or is not fully developed.

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