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Новости и мероприятия IAA


Новости IAA, август 2017


Highlights from this issue include:


· International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board

· Supervisory Capacity-Building Program

· Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

(OECD) and International Organisation of Pension

Supervisors (IOPS) Meetings

· Meetings with the International Accounting Standards Board

· World Bank Panel Discussion

· IAA Regional Seminar and Association Meetings in Sri Lanka


Paper on the Impact of Personalised Medicine and Genomics on the Insurance Industry

The IAA recently published a paper on the impact of personalised medicine and genomics on the insurance industry, which was developed by the Health Committee. Personalised medicine, which tailors medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient, is attracting serious attention at many levels internationally. The paper discusses personalised medicine, the future of genomics, current challenges, the impact of genomics on the insurance industry and recommendations for actuaries.


Actuarial Standards Committee 

Work on model International Standards of Actuarial Practice (ISAPs) has progressed since our last report in April. On June 29, the ASC issued the exposure draft of its Proposed Revision to International Standard of

Actuarial Practice 1—General Actuarial Practice with a comment period of four months.

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One public statement has been issued —the Response to IAIS Consultation on Revised Insurance Core Principles (ICPs) and ComFrame material integrated with ICPs.

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· Global Mentorship Program

· Life Colloquium in Barcelona

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Meet our new Web Developer!
We would like to welcome Rabia Sajjad to the IAA Secretariat as our new web developer.

The IAA Staff pays it forward

On August 30th, IAA staff spent the day helping with the construction of a home for Habitat for Humanity; a non-profit organization that work’s towards a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.

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