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Новости и мероприятия IAA


Материалы Совета и комитетов IAA состоявшихся в Чикаго 3-8 октября 2018 года

This Special Newsletter reports on the discussions and action items arising from the IAA Council and Committee meetings held in Chicagofrom October 3-8, 2017

Highlights from this issue include:

Executive Committee and President’s Report

2018 Election Results

Congratulations to Masaaki Yoshimura (Japan) and Gábor Hanák (Hungary) who were elected as President and President-Elect respectively for 2018.

Items Approved By Council

Chairpersons Recognized

Alf Gohdes, Actuarial Standards Committee, 2015–2017

Ken Hohman, Membership Committee, 2015–2017

Session on the IAA

Seminar on International Insights on Mortality, Population and the Public Interest

Women In Leadership Breakfast

An Introduction To Blockchain


Outcome of Committee, Section and Working Group Meetings

  • Actuarial Standards
  • Advice & Assistance
  • Audit & Finance
  • Education
  • Branding and Communications
  • Development of Sections
  • Strategic Planning
  • General Insurance
  • Health
  • Insurance Accounting
  • Membership
  • Pensions and Employee Benefits
  • OECD
  • Professionalism
  • Scientific
  • Banking
  • Big Data
  • Mortality
  • Population Issues
  • Resource and Environment
  • Social Security
  • Actuaries Without Borders Section
  • Health Section
  • International Association of Consulting Actuaries

President’s Forum

Presentations included: The “superstorm of cyber”; How InsurTech is bridging the industry’s trust gap; Expectations of FMAs for the IAA; The outlook for the world economy. Find out more


NEXT MEETINGS:  Berlin, Germany — 30 May to 2 June, 2018 followed by the International Congress of Actuaries


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