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Новости и мероприятия IAA


Опрос Рабочей группы IAA по банковской деятельности

Dear Member

The International Actuarial Association’s Banking Working Group (BWG) is conducting a 5-minute survey. The survey aims to capture the global view of actuaries working or interested in banking. It is being sent to a number of actuarial associations globally, to be completed by individual actuaries and students, to gain an understanding of this emerging practice area, internationally. The results will assist in shaping the work done by the BWG, as well as the strategic direction of the IAA.

The survey is ongoing and insights from preliminary results of the survey have been shared at the IAA meetings in Chicago in October 2017.

The survey can easily be completed on your mobile device. You can access the survey here:

Please complete as early as you can so that your responses can be captured and incorporated into the results.

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