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Новости и мероприятия IAA


Проект второго варианта предлагаемого ISAP 4 по МСФО 17

Please see the attached memorandum from Andrew Chamberlain, Chair - Actuarial Standards Committee (ASC) of the IAA, regarding the second exposure draft of the proposed International Standard of Actuarial Practice 4 (ISAP 4) on IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts, and the related amendments to the glossary.

The attached second exposure draft and amendments to the glossary were developed by the ISAP 4 Task Force of the ASC, and they have been duly approved by the ASC in accordance with Due Process for development of International Standards of Actuarial Practice.

These documents are available on the IAA website under Publications, click here to access them on the website.

The deadline to comment on this exposure draft is 30 April 2019. In the light of the desire to issue the final ISAP as soon as practical, no extensions will be granted to the deadline in this instance.

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